Rosie and Simon King Testimonial

In August 2008 I had a traumatic accident when I broke my tibia and fibula and crushed my right ankle.  I was flown back to the UK and a skilled surgeon repaired my bones (I have a plate and 9 screws in my lower tibia.) 6 months later after intensive physiotherapy and occupational therapy I was sent back out into the world to get on with life.  I had a profound limp and was very unsteady and lack confidence.  Someone suggested I tried Pilates; so I searched the internet and found the New Forest Pilates Studio and Maxine!

I was initially unable to drive the car so my husband came with me and we had a joint lesson.  From that day on we try never to miss our Wednesday evening sessions.  


Under Maxine’s professional guidance Pilates has put strength back into my muscles and restored my fitness. I now ride the horse, walk the dogs miles across uneven ground without a thought to my balance.  I can walk and dance again in high heels!


My husband had a curved spine from birth, by improving the muscles supporting his spine he now walks tall and straight, he feels stronger.  He drives miles and now has developed a technique for no longer arriving home tired and stressed, just by improving the way he sits in the car and holds the steering wheel.  Even his hamstrings are lengthening!


Maxine skillfully incorporates mat work, the reformer, chair and a wall unitDo try out the new “magic” mat.  Every exercise is individualized and is done with control, allowing one’s body to adjust and the muscles to recognize what is required.


Last Autumn I found myself anxious and depressed so I asked Maxine if I could try the Alexander Technique.  From the very first session my life has been transformed. Things feel different, I experienced a wonderful lightness and my peripheral vision was restored.   I confidently use whispered “ahs” to cope with stressful situations. It has changed the way I think and feel about my body, the way it moves and functions and through a series of subtle changes it has made me feel more comfortable in my own shell.  I am now able to combine the Alexander Technique within my Pilates, so gaining more from each exercise.


We can’t thank Maxine enough for her expert teaching in her beautiful studio, for making each session different and such fun.  We can’t imagine life without Pilates and the Alexander Technique and wonder how we ever managed without our weekly sessions.