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“Forest view Pilates

Ringwood Pilates Studio



Alexander Technique

and the Back4Good® Programme

(The Studio is based in The New Forest at Ringwood)

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Pilates and the Alexander Technique complement each other wonderfully.

The Pilates Studio is situated close to Ringwood in The New Forest


PILATES is a very effective form of exercise

Its general popularity is a testament to this

Pilates is body conditioning using MAT WORK, use of various RESISTANCE MACHINES such as the REFORMER.

Pilates develops strength without the muscle bulk. It gives a well toned and defined look. Posture improves and movement becomes more efficient. It is a very exciting and enjoyable form of exercise. You can enjoy it either individually or with a friend.

We have State of the Art Pilates resistance equipment by Balanced Body, Sacremento

Pilates is enjoyed by many people with mixed abilities and it is tailored for the needs of the individual to make it enjoyable and get you more toned

Back4Good® Programme – we are also pleased to be able to provide the new initiative. It was launched by Body Control Pilates. By working closely with leading medical experts, Body Control Pilates has created the Back4Good® Programme. A unique set of exercises that have been designed for the prevention and management of Low Back Pain.

THE  ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE …..It is not exercise based. It restores the natural balance, poise and movement of your body. It helps to change a lifetime of bad habits, such as slouching and stooping. These will interfere with how you move in everyday life.

Whatever your age you can change the way you look, feel and move.

The lovely studio we have over looks a valley in The New Forest. The wonderful wildlife and birds are a pleasure to see and hear and hope they compliment your lesson in Pilates or Alexander Technique

I look forward to meeting you  

Text or Phone Maxine … 07899 954731