Pilates sessions are a combination of mat work and resistance equipment. The REFORMER (Pilates machine) works all major muscle groups functionally, getting a balance between strength and flexibility. The exercises are broken down to a basic level, progressively advancing to a higher level. Importantly, individual needs are met.

You become stronger, more toned with improved posture and appearance. You also learn how to relax and breathe properly, great for a calmer mind and relieving stress.

Pilates is beneficial for all sorts of people, from those with back pain or who are 100% fit and want to stay that way.

(The Pilates studio is situated just outside Ringwood nestling on the edge of The New Forest….. see Find us)

Back4Good® Programme

Low Back Pain may be distressing and frustrating as quality of life suffers. Gentle, effective exercise can often help with the prevention and management of Low Back Pain. The Back4Good® Programme is a unique set of exercises to help you self-manage your Low Back Pain and to stay active.

Testimonial from Rosie and Simon King

In August 2008 I had a traumatic accident when I broke my tibia and fibula and crushed my right ankle. I was flown back to the UK and a skilled surgeon repaired my bones (I have a plate and 9 screws in my lower tibia.) 6 months later after intensive physiotherapy and occupational therapy I was sent back out into the world to get on with life. I had a profound limp and was very unsteady and lack confidence. Someone suggested I tried Pilates; so I searched the inter-net and found the New Forest Pilates Studio and Maxine!

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